Amazon Quiz Answers Today 30th June 2020: Win Sony 1000XM3 Headphones

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 30th June 2020//Amazon In Quiz Answers Today//Amazon quiz gives you a chance to win Sony Home Theater, HDD, iPhone X, Nokia Mobile Phone, Cash and many more everyday 8 AM to 12 PM with amazon quiz Answers Today.
Amazon Quiz Answers Today 30th June 2020: Win Sony 1000XM3 Headphones
Amazon Quiz Answers Today
Amazon app quiz Answers  today comprises of a set of five different questions that are based on general knowledge and current affairs. To become eligible for the quiz prize, a user has to answer all questions of the quiz correctly. There is usually one selected winner of the quiz who is selected via lucky draw.

Amazon Quiz Answers Today Win- Sony 1000XM3 Headphones

Question 1 
Which organization has recently become India's first $150 bn company?
The answer is- RIL

Question 2 
23rd June is observed as a day promoting mass participation of sports, which celebrates the formation of what organization?
The answer is- IOC

Question 3 
Which famous writer born on 27th June, wrote iconic works such as 'Durgeshnandini', 'Kapalkundala' and 'Anandamath'?
The answer is- Bankimchandra Chatterjee

Question 4 
Connie Nielsen plays the role of the mother of which member of the Justice League in the DC Extended Universe?
The answer is- Wonder Women

Question 5 

'The Room Where It Happened' is a memoir by which former White House employee?
The answer is- John Bolton

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 30th June 2020

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     💬 Amazon Quiz Answers Today Time Table 

  • Date ---- June  30th, 2020
  • Quiz Time ----8 AM to 12 PM
  • Quiz Prize ----- Sony 1000XM3 Headphones
  • Today,s Amazon Quiz Winner Will Declared On -----To be Announced
  • Quiz Name -----  Amazon Sony 1000XM3 Headphones
  • Available On ----- Amazon Mobile App                                                                                      
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  Previous Amazon Quiz Answers  
Amazon Quiz Answers Today 29nd June 2020-Win 50000 Amazon Pay Balance
Question 1 
ISRO, in association with which space agency, is planning to launch a Lunar Polar Exploration Mission, planned to land in 2024?
The answer is- JAXA

Question 2 
What word did Instagram add to memorialize Sushant Singh Rajput's account?
The answer is- Remembering

Question 3 
Which technology company has acquired the Swedish mapping technology company, ‘Mapillary'?
The answer is- Facebook

Question 4 
Which Indian Prime Minister born on 28th June, wrote the book 'The Insider'?
The answer is- PV Narsimha Rao

Question 5 
Recently launched portal 'SATYABHAMA' aims to promote research and development in which sector?
The answer is- Mining

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 28nd June 2020-Win Samsung M30s

Question 1 
Kathy Lueders is the first female head of human spaceflight program at which agency?
The answer is- NASA

Question 2 
Recently ASI discovered a 500-year-old temple dedicated to Gopinath Dev, submerged in which Indian river?
The answer is- Mahanadi

Question 3
Twitter recently announced a new feature that lets users attach what to their tweets?
The answer is- Audio Snippets

Question 4 
Axone, a type of fermented soya bean, is part of the cuisine of which Indian state?
The answer is- Nagaland

Question 5 
'Klara and the Sun' is the latest novel announced by which Nobel Laureate?
The answer is- Kazuo Ishiguro

Last 3 days Amazon Quiz Winners:

  • 29rd June 2020 Amazon Quiz Winner: Amazon 50000 Pay Balance
  • 🏆🏆 Mrigank 🏆🏆
  • 28th June 2020 Amazon Quiz Winner: Samsung M30s Winner
  • 🏆🏆 Milan Chetri 🏆🏆
  • 27th June 2020 Amazon Quiz Winner: Oneplus TV Winner
  • 🏆🏆 shameema rooshi 🏆🏆

  How to Participate in Amazon Quiz Answers  

  ⇛How to participate in Amazon Quiz Answers Key Today June 2020⇚

Update time: morning
Rule 1. Download the Amazon app from Android or IOS

Rule 2. Open the Amazon app and sign in.
Rule 3. Go to the home page and type and search the Quiz and you will see "Funzone"& Click on it you will see Amazon Quiz -30th June 2020 banner, tap on it.
Rule 4. Now just tap on the Start tab to play the quiz.
("Contest Period")
Rule 1. This competition will be from 30th June 2020 / 08:00:01 Am (IST) to 12:00:00 PM (IST).
Rule 2. To be eligible for the contest, during the contest period you must sign-in with an ID sign-up on Amazon.In App ("Amazon.In App").
Amazon Quiz Answer Today  June 2020 
Rule 3. Once you have signed in on Amazon.In app, you can participate by opening the quiz where five (five) questions will be asked related to the competition, during this period you will have to answer yourself.
Rule 4. If your answer all the quiz questions correctly, you will be eligible for a lucky draw which will be done among the participants who have answered that particular question correctly.
Rule 5.Amazon Quiz Lucky draw will be done during the competition period for the questions and the total number of participants will be selected as the winners by random draw of lots. 
Rule 6.The Amazon In Quiz Answers Today lucky draw winners are announced on the winners list declaration date

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